About Me

I am a survivor, I adapted, improvised and overcame many challenges throughout the years. I have formed a few philosophies and life habits that helped me to endure this journey through life. I like to play and listen to music, enjoy tinkering with all kinds of things, mechanical or not. Exercising the body and mind helps maintain my outlook on things.┬áMy passion for cooking and eating healthy things are integral to my existence…So, this blog is about what I do to continue my journey. Thank you for stopping by!

  • I was a Boy Scout
  • Went to Catholic School for 12 Years
  • Was a Machinist Mate in The Navy for 20 Years
  • Went to war in Desert Storm
  • Installed Modular furniture for 17 years
  • I walk 5 miles a day!
  • I exercise fervently!

And that’s a little about me for the record